Friday 7-9pm

Faith. Fun. Friends.




This group is for grades 6-8.

We grow and learn in Christ, equipping ourselves to be His servants in the world (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Typically, we meet two Fridays a month: one @ Holy Family and one @ St. Patrick’s Church.



EQUIP is the only place you can go on a Friday night where you can play dodge ball, learn about dead popes, wrap someone in toilet paper, eat ice-cream, smear ketchup on a white T-shirt (on purpose), go to Confession, murder someone, and run across a parking lot.   You never know exactly what might be in store for you @ EQUIP.  What is certain is that we would love to have you come out to learn more about your faith and have a good time with us!  See the schedule below. 🙂

Upcoming Equip Events

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