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St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church

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Journey of Serenity

Visual Odyssey through the Sacred Halls of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church

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To register with our Parish or update your contact information, download the Census form and return it to the office once it has been completed.
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Holy matrimony at St. Patrick's

Welcome to St. Patrick's, where timeless love and grace unite. Step into our historic, spiritual haven to forge a sacred bond.
We invite you to inquire today and begin your journey towards a blessed marriage in our enchanting setting. Embrace the elegance of your love story woven into the fabric of history.

We would love to get married at St. Patricks!

Together in Action Campaign

Together in Action Campaign

Hospital Ministry to the Sick

The hospital list we draw names from is no longer available to the clergy or the volunteers because of the Privacy Act, which protects the patient’s right to decide if they want a visitation or not. This means the hospital staff will no longer ask about your faith when you are admitted. There are 2 ways you can help us continue our ministry to the sick:


  • In times of illness, solitude, or when advocacy is needed, we want to extend our support to those among us who may be in need. We encourage you to reach out to Father Vincent Tuan Ha, our dedicated Hospital and Senior Homes Chaplain. Father Vincent is here to provide ministry to the sick and elderly, offer solace and comfort, and lend his support in advocacy matters. You can contact Father Vincent at 403-869-7382.
  • Call the parish office (403-526-2265) and let us know that you are in the hospital and would like to receive Communion and/or a visit from the Catholic community. The Eucharistic ministers will get that information and ensure that you will be on the RC list.
  • If you enter the hospital on a weekend, please call Gerry Carter directly at 403-526-7455.


  • Notify the hospital admitting staff that you are Catholic.
  • If you cannot speak for yourself, a family member or friend can notify the hospital or parish office on your behalf at any time during your stay.